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What is CATCH?

For 25 years, the CATCH Programs have guided kids on how to be healthy for a lifetime and it is now the #1 health promotion and childhood obesity prevention program available

We are CATCH USA and our goal is to inform and support your communities efforts in combating childhood obesity. We invite you to explore the world of CATCH and discover why communities all across America have adopted the #1 health promotion and childhood obesity prevention program in the country.

"As public health practitioners, “spending public money, we need to be sure a program is capable of delivering desired outcomes.” CATCH has “7000 schools, a combination of rural and urban settings, and 7000 positive results. It has me wondering why in the world are we scratching our heads still saying what can we do?”
Stephanie B. Coursey Bailey, MD, MSHSA
Chief of Public Health Practice, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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April 30th, 2pm (CST)
Dan Marek and Whole Kids Foundation-Supporting Schools and Inspiring Families to Improve Children's Nutrition and Wellness
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I grew up in a household where cooking side-by-side with multiple generations started early. Growing up with a mom that owned a health food store, and living across the street from a farm, instilled the importance of knowing where your food comes from. One of my most memorable food experiences was seeing my grandmother eat a local, free range, organic fed egg. When she bit into it the look on her face was one of shock and she sat back in her chair and tears welled up in her eyes. “What’s wrong?” we asked. Grandma, who grew up on a farm in Indiana, responded, “I haven’t tasted an egg like this since I was a little girl.”

This experience made me wonder: “what else are we missing in food that our grandparents had right to begin with?”

That simple question led me down a path of healthy eating that eventually led to the simple phrase, “eat as close to nature as possible.” I came to Whole Kids Foundation as a Healthy Eating Specialist at Whole Foods Market’s flagship store in Austin, Texas. It was my job to educate our local community about healthy food and how we could make foods you grow in your garden taste as delectable and flavorful as you want. My involvement with the Health Starts Here™ program led me to providing hundreds of classes and demonstrations for schools, churches and, businesses across the country. I’ve worked with some of the country’s top chefs to look at food from a different perspective than we have in the past 30 years returning to the roots of our culinary perception.

My love of working with kids and food makes me ridiculously excited about working with Whole Kids Foundation because it gives me the opportunity to show kids that eating healthy early is fun, easy, great tasting and coincidently great for you.
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The Resource Vault

What is the Resource Vault?

The CATCH Group has made over 25 years of CATCH support materials available within this site. For the first time ever, a wealth of literature created by researchers, government agencies and instructional developers responsible for creating the programs is now in one location and downloadable within the CATCH Vault.

Materials include evaluation forms, menu planning, best practices, presentations, research articles and much, much more.

We invite you to explore the Resource Vault and take advantage of the years of experience in researching and developing programs to combat childhood obesity.

Leading Health Indicators for CATCH

Resource Vault

CATCH Catalog

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The CATCH Group

  • The CATCH Group is made up of universities, non-profits and corporations all working together to promote child health

    Support for the CATCH Programs comes from a unique team of several organizations that make up the CATCH Group. Each individual organization plays an important role in the development, research, promotion and distribution of the programs.

    The CATCH Group is proud to have The Jared Foundation as their partner.

    Established in 2004 by SUBWAY® restaurant spokesman Jared Fogle, the Jared Foundation educates children and parents about the importance of healthy nutrition and exercise and has chosen the CATCH Programs as the foundation's offical wellness program.

    Other members of the CATCH Group include:
    The University of Texas-School of Public Health
    FlagHouse Inc.
    The Coordinated Health Institute

    To learn more about the CATCH Group please click here.

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    and Announcements

    New CATCH Catalog Available!

    2014-2015 School Grants for Healthy Kids

    Through partners CSX Transportation, Kellogg Company, and the Kellogg’s Corporate Citizenship Fund, (and more!) Action for Healthy Kids is pleased to release its School Grants for Healthy Kids opportunities for the 2014-2015 school year.  Around 1,000 schools will be awarded funds ranging from $500 to $5,000 to support school breakfast and physical activity programs. Funded schools will also receive expertise and people power to help implement a successful project that leads to sustainable change.    

    Award amounts will be based on building enrollment, project type, potential impact, and a school’s ability to mobilize parents and students around school wellness initiatives.
    Click here for more information

    USDA Launches the Farm to School Census USDA has now officially launched the first ever nationwide Farm to School Census , which will survey more than 13,000 school districts to determine how many schools currently purchase local foods. Data from the Farm to School Census will be used by USDA's Farm to School Program to develop a baseline assessment of the prevalence, geographic distribution, and characteristics of farm to school programs in order to set priorities for USDA outreach and technical support. If you are a school food service director from a public school district school food authority, please respond to the survey. To learn more, go to .
    School Lunch Standards A new study suggests that strict lunch rules may be helping students, especially those from low income families, maintain their weights. The study analyzed more than 4,800 8th graders in 40 states, comparing students in states that provided more nutritious school lunches than the government required to those in states that only met the minimum government standards. The findings showed that students in states with the highest standards were 12 percent less likely to be obese than those living in states that only met the minimum government requirements. Read the article at