CATCH Training

It Starts with Training

CATCH Training helps you maximize the benefits of the CATCH Program in your school or community. Planning and supporting training is the first step in changing your school’s environment. Through training, your faculty and staff become more aware of what coordinated school health is and how CATCH is used as a resource to meet their wellness policy goals.

Supporting CATCH and the growth of your coordinated school health program becomes even more important following implementation training because that's when the real work begins.

CATCH Training Workshops have been developed over a 20 year period and are fun, dynamic and multi-dimensional clinics designed to provide the knowledge, skills and tools to successfully implement and support your CATCH Program. Establishing a process that sets everyone up to succeed is the key and training does just that!

Training Workshops

Training workshops orient participants to the program, identifies specific campus and after-school needs and facilitates solutions for individual communities in how to keep children healthy. The workshops use a variety of interactive techniques to teach and demonstrate strategies for an effective implementation in both schools (K-8) and in after-school organizations.

CATCH Online Training

The CATCH Online Training Campus offers schools and after-school organizations the opportunity to conduct their staff and teacher training online for all of the CATCH Programs.

The courses contain presentations and hours of video demonstrations by certified CATCH Trainers that take you through these award winning programs that have been implemented in thousands of schools and after-school organizations.

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Schedule a Training

Training can range from full-day sessions to 3-day workshops, depending on the format and type of training

These trainings teach your school and after-school personnel about coordinated health programming, expand awareness of healthy eating and physical behaviors, and offer guidance in utilizing the CATCH resources that are available.

In order to best assess your training needs and related costs, please contact us or download and complete our CATCH Training Inquiry Form and email to



CATCH Covers the Bases

Descriptions of Training

CATCH School-Based Implementation Training
• Kindergarten - 5th Grade
• Kindergarten - 8th Grade
• 6th Grade - 8th Grade

CATCH Kids Club Training (after-school)
CATCH Early Childhood Training - Ages 3-5
CATCH Booster Training
CATCH Component-Specific Training
CATCH Train the Trainer

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Train the Trainer

One of the best ways to sustain CATCH in your school and community is to have local, certified trainers for the program

We seek to achieve this through prevention and control of childhood obesity through healthy eating and physical activity; promotion of healthy living behaviors in youth, policy and environmental change, and professional education and community service.

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